It's time to make space in your life for you. Create sanctuary in your life & home & get started with a free how-to worksheet!


There are two ways to work with me one-on-one. You can sign up for monthly coaching where we’ll focus more on creating patterns and habits in your life that feel like sanctuary; or, you can focus more on setting up a physical sanctuary space in your home with a sanctuary set-up session. Either way, I’m looking forward to guiding you through the process. I promise, it’s easier than it seems.

Tania reminded me that time spent on taking care of my self and space would give back in peace of mind and centredness. . . which ultimately leads to calm action. It all started to feel simple. And Tania had my back all the way. – Lori

Creative coaching and guidance

I love working one-on-one with clients. Coaching is offered by the month and is a combination of email conversations and a 30-minute audio Skype session (or phone). Most of our work is in our unlimited email exchanges – this is where the meat of the work happens through conversation, excercises and resources. The skype discussions will not only be a place to check in live with each other, but will be a way to dive in a little deeper.


Is a 30-minute call enough?

Yes, I find that this amount of time is perfect for focusing in on the real issues. A great deal of progress can be made in a short amount of time. Plus, when you are at the beginning of trying to create sanctuary for yourself in the midst of your busy life, who really has more than 30 minutes to spare?


Does the email portion of the coaching really work?

Yes! There are so many benefits to email:

  1. It starts the process of getting you out of your head and into your hands. When you write out your desires, your thoughts, and your ideas, your creative juices start to flow. You slow down and can really start to feel into a situation.
  2. There’s no need for you to carve out an hour of quiet time in the midst of your busy day – real work can be achieved in a few stolen moments!
  3. Often, when we write things down, we get clearer on the topic, and it helps to relieve the stress and mind-churning that can happen when we are stuck.
  4. It helps to let things sink in, and to think about questions/answers before responding.
  5. It’s the best way for me to send you resources, ideas, and information, or pictures that will add to your session.
  6. You can send me your thoughts and ideas when you get them, instead of forgetting about them before a session down the road.


What does email coaching look like?

We start by finding out where you are right now. I’ll send you a quetionnaire that you’ll complete before we start coaching. It will help you define where you are and what you want to achieve, as well as give me an idea of how I can best support and guide you.


What will we cover?

Coaching is different for each person – I won’t be asking you stock questions, and you won’t be treated the same as everyone else. The exercises and guidance I give you will be unique to you. Some of the things that we might cover is your sessions are:

  • how to create patterns, rituals, and habits in your life to make your daily actions reflect what it feels like to come home to yourself
  • how to carve out moments of sanctuary in the midst of busyness or burn-out.
  • how to reconnect to your well-being by connecting to life through your hands
  • find ways to get out of your head and into your hands, even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body!
  • how having a hand in purposefully creating spaces that feel like home

One-on-one coaching is $149 CDN per month (plus tax in Canada). As a recap, you’ll get unlimited email access to me as well as one 30-minute audio Skype/phone session per month.

During out coaching sessions, you’ll get resources, guidance, and inspiration from me all along the way. Even better? You’ll find peace of mind in knowing that you do have a hand in creating moments of joy, of connection, of love for yourself and those around you. You’ll know, deep down, that even in the midst of the chaos, the shitty job, the on-doing commitments and craziness of life, that you have a choice in how you want to live – each and every moment. And you’ll be creating space and patterns in your life that fully support this. You’ll gain the confidence in yourself to create not just a home, but a life, that feels like sanctuary.

Tania’s ability to foster sanctuary inside and out is an amazing support for my personal inquiry. The more in love I fall with myself, the more my home has become an expression of that love and the more my home fosters the peacefulness I crave to live a deeply fulfilling life. – Kathryn

One Month of Coaching

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Still have questions? Email me.


Three Months of Coaching

Want to commit longer-term? Sign up for a 3-month package at $399 (plus tax in Canada) and save $50. As above, you’ll get unlimited email access to me as well as one 30-minute audio Skype/phone session per month.

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Sanctuary Space Set-Up

Want to focus more on turning your physical space into a sanctuary? You might be yearning for some peace and quiet – a space you can call your own: to recharge, regroup, and relax. Perhaps a space to rediscover your creative endeavours, to take time for yourself, to read, or to start a daily meditation practice. When you are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you’re able to better care for those around you (and yourself). You might think of this space as a room of your own, a retreat-space, or simply having a corner to yourself.

[Tania] brings such focus to creating this little bit of your own heaven in your own home. You might not think that’s terribly important (it is) or that you don’t already have it (you may, but not in the way that she guides you there). I thought I had it because I have my cozy little corners and my places where I like to hang out, read, listen to music, party like a rock star (hehe). Through visioning she made me realize how disconnected I was from nature. That was a shocker. I totally shifted my view of when and how and where and why we need to really find the place within ourselves that connects outside ourselves. – Tracey

During our one-on-one sanctuary sessions, you will:
  • identify what you want out of your space – how you want to feel in your space
  • bring your sanctuary inspiration to life
  • learn how to use space more effectively and in a way that suits YOUR lifestyle and personality
  • learn about with colour and how to interpret the feelings you want from your space
  • get support and encouragement to help you create space and make time for you
  • resources, guidance, inspiration
  • $349 CDN (plus tax in Canada) per room


How it works

Your sanctuary session will begin with a questionnaire where you’ll explore what you want out of your sanctuary space. We’ll do some of our discussion through email, but will also meet via Skype. You’ll send me an idea of your hopes and dreams for your sanctuary, as well as pictures of the space and I’ll send you guidance and resources to help you create it. In the end, you will have a space that truly and uniquely reflects who you are. You will have a space that not only will feel like home to you, but will help you come home to yourself.


What won’t be happening:

You may be surprised to find out that I have no attachment to the outcome of your space. If you want to paint giant fairy wings on your walls, paint colours that aren’t trendy, or want to include your grandmother’s old chair in your room, then go for it! I am here to guide you to creating a space that makes your heart zing, that makes you feel like you’ve come home to YOU. For me, it’s about how you feel in that space, and how you can use your environment to reconnect with yourself.

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